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English information

FAIR CLASS - Fair Trade School Class

Annual Award Campaign for School Classes

The application period for the school year 2017/18 is finshed.

Detailed application information will be available on this website starting from Autumn 2018.

Award Ceremony

In the past, there have been several award ceremonies,
for example in Slovenia:

School and Fair Trade...
… Fair Trade Classes

Guided by the respective teachers. Expected support and guidance by local or regional NGOs and Fair Trade shops.
Ideal way to educate young people about Fair Trade.
- There is no restriction in age and location (all classes and courses in schools from all countries can participate)
- All class projects of the current school year can compete
- In autumn 2018, the 300th class was awarded, now there are more than 6000 awarded students

Further information

Contact Peter Weichardt (speakes english): p.weichardt (at)

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